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Hi, I'm Hollie , your Cannabis Wellness Coach and Educator. Here's my story.

I have always been intrigued by the medicinal benefits of the plant. While working for a Cannabis dispensary  I started speaking with so many unfortunate people trying to find relief for different health ailments. Most patients would always say “I have been trying to find relief from this ailment the majority of my life and I’m desperate to try something else” Most patients were embarrassed to say they wanted to try Cannabis because of the stigma around Cannabis. However, I started seeing some amazing, life changing results from patients who started using Cannabis. We had a lot of patients finding relief for different health reasons. It encouraged me to try it myself because I often suffered from insomnia which was affecting my quality of life. I have two children who were also being affected by my insomnia because I wasn’t getting much sleep and I still needed to function on a daily basis. I got my Medical Marijuana Card and off to the dispensary I went. The first strain of Cannabis worked for me because I was already educated on the different strains of Cannabis. I was finally able to sleep all night !. So what I do is I usually medicate before going to sleep. That way I sleep through what would be considered the “high” phase, and that way I’ll wake up in the morning feeling calmed but not high. Then I can get on with my day, my job, my children and my life. Just making that small tweak in my life has made a huge difference in all areas of my life. That’s my story. I look forward to educating and helping you make your own life changing story using Cannabis.

High, I’m Ashley , your cannabis advocate and educator, helping end the stigma and this my story.

My fascination with marijuana started in high school. I learned very young the medicinal benefits regardless of the information available at the time… simply because I believe in the power the plant holds regardless of the stigma it carried then, especially knowing we have cannabinoid receptors. It is worth mentioning, that we have more of these receptors than any other receptors in our brain. It is quite a perfect design actually.

The most intriguing to me is it is the only medicine that can be used from the womb to the tomb, without any consequences. In fact, we know that using marijuana lowers your chances of lung cancer vs. not smoking at all. Cannabis is actually leading the way to a more holistic lifestyle. Although I will have to say, it isn’t whether it is a better option, it is about ending the stigma and having the option; to choose what is best for you, and your lifestyle.

I enjoy sharing the benefits with people and helping them on their journey of true medical freedom. I am here to help you navigate to the right option for you. Guiding you to the right product and strain. Learning about the “blissful” benefits that are also shown beneficial for motivation, fertility, pain, appetite, movement and much more.