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Let's Get You Started on the Right Path Using Cannabis


So many people suffer needlessly with anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, migraines, IBS, fibromyalgia, cancer, hiv/aids, chronic pain and more. Or, they’re taking prescription drugs with horrible side effects, and they want to try an all-natural alternative.

But how?

The cannabis world is huge and confusing. It’s hard to find quality information about using this plant for health and wellness, not just for recreational use. And because there is such a huge variation in all the different types of cannabis and ways to take it, it can be overwhelming to try to find the right strain and dosing. We understand shoes and know the confusion that comes along with the beginning steps of using Cannabis. Let us help guide you.  

What do you get?

We start with a 30-minute to 1 hour conversation. Cannabis coaching is available virtually via Skype, FaceTime, and phone. You get to decide which one you prefer.

We will be asking lots of questions so that we can create your personalized cannabis guide. It will have specific recommendations for strains, doses, and ingestion methods that are tailored just for you and your lifestyle. We will answer all your questions and we’ll make sure you’re taking cannabis in a way that you’re comfortable with. 

Within a day of our call, you’ll receive the tailored guide. It outlines everything we discussed on the phone. You’ll know exactly what to order and how much to start with. So, you skip the expensive trial and error process of taking too much (or too little) or buying products that don’t meet your needs. The guide also outlines how to microdose (taking very small doses of cannabis), and how to know when it’s time to increase or decrease your dose.

Over the following month, you have full access to us via email or phone appointments.

By the end of our time together, you’ll be feeling fantastic and you’ll be armed with the tools and knowledge to continue improving your health and happiness with cannabis. ​

Cannabis Health Coaching

1 hour session $75.00 USD

We will discuss everything Cannabis and how it will uniquely benefit you.

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*Remember, we are not a doctor. The goal is to educate you so you can make informed choices about your cannabis use.

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Book your medical cannabis consult or coaching package today. 

The most common questions patients have concerning Cannabis :

The Cannabis Consultation is done over the phone, skype or facetime

No! There are so many other, healthier ways to use cannabis, and I’ll show you all of them.

No! I’ll teach you how to find the perfect dose of non-psychoactive CBD so you get all the health benefits and none of the high.

There are multiple and each kind has its own benefit. We will discuss this during the consulation.